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Vittoria Air-Liner Insert Road 25mm-30mm


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The puncture solution for tubeless road tires.

Tested on trails and perfected on tarmac, the Air-Liner Road brings the stability, plush comfort, and puncture protection of the proven Air-Liner design to bear on chip seal and potholes. The weight is also very suited for roadies – it weighs less than the sealant needed to mount the tire. The Air-Liner Road’s high-density polymer compresses under the higher PSI of road tires, so it lets the tire’s casing and compound maintain their supple feel and responsiveness while the tire’s inflated. In the event of a puncture, the Air-Liner road expands to fill the void, keeping the tire secure on the rim bead and letting you ride up to 30 miles (50km) as a run-flat. No mid-ride repairs, and no call of shame to have someone pick you up.

It seems every generation or so, bike manufacturers roll out another attempt to add suspension to road bikes. It’s generational because it never works as advertised. The Air-Liner Road solves the problem at the source, turning the tires themselves into a shock-absorbing suspension by maintaining a bead lock and preventing rim strikes at lower PSI. Lower rolling resistance, a smoother ride, and increased traction while hammering, cornering, and braking – all without added risk of pinch flats or folding and burping.

Made specifically for tubeless tire applications, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tires on the market. The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, while the proprietary Vittoria tubeless valve (supplied with each Air-Liner) eliminates valve clogging. Whether you are training, touring, exploring, or racing, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system will provide peace of mind and protection for the ride ahead.

Air-Liner Road adds to rider safety by providing positive tyre/rim lock in the event of total air loss. Keeping your tyre in place on the rim.

A high-density polymer structure gives the Air-Liner Road all the qualities of a good shock: it mutes chatter and ramps up under big impacts, increasing ride comfort and preventing rim strikes. It also acts as a run-flat for up to an hour if you do puncture, and it has an install life of 2,000 hours. The Air-Liner Road is compatible with ammonia-free sealant, multiway tubeless valves, and 700c rims and tires. Its waterproof coating prevents the absorption of sealant. Each Air-Liner Road insert includes a 40mm Vittoria Green Multiway Tubeless Valve.

The Air-Liner Road bag contains:

  • One Air-Liner Road insert
  • One 60mm Multiway valve

Requires use of an Ammonia free tubeless sealant - for best results use Vittoria Universal Sealer - Ammonia Free & Latex Free.

For deep aero rims - longer multiway valves may be required - these are available seperately in 80mm and 100mm.

Sizes and weights (individual air liner).

Size Suggested Tire Size Internal Rim Width Weight
Small 700x23/26mm 21mm 24g
Medium 700x27/29mm 23mm 31g
Large 700x30/32mm 26mm 39g




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