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Individually tailored training programs and coaching for cyclists of all ages and
abilities. Let James' years of experience racing road, MTB and track at international
level help you reach your goals.

  • The best way to improve every aspect of your riding.
  • Delivered through TrainingPeaks online software
  • Monthly reviews and feedback
  • On the fly program adjustment as needed
  • Plan, structure and progress through training programs to continue to better
  • Become a master of your race day performance from training, nutrition, gear
    & equipment selection and race tactics
  • Have more fun by being a fitter and faster bike rider!

$175 per month. For more information and a discussion on whether this coaching option is best for you drop us a line via email ( or phone James - 0273058091

1. Can my program be longer or shorter than 12weeks?

Yes, while we recommend 12weeks as being an ideal length of timing to get training adaptations, we can work around your time frame and customise a
program to suit.

2. Do I need a HR monitor or Power meter for a training program?

No, we can provide structured training to suit the equipment you have. While technology helps to make training sessions more accurate and accountable, it
is not necessary to begin with.

3. If I sign up for monthly coaching is there a minimum duration I have to
commit to?

No, we can be totally flexible with this. However we recommend
that the best way to get results and improvements is through consistency over a long period of time and creating good habits.

“James has been coaching me for approximately 4 years. The programme is suited to my individual needs and experience and James is always approachable for feedback, motivation and any changes that may be needed. He is thoroughly professional and a pleasure to work with, and I’m really pleased with what I’ve accomplished. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for anyone wanting to improve their cycling, for general fitness, a specific goal or club racing.” – Nigel

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