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Our Steel Core Tyre Levers have a hardened CRV tool steel center to prevent flex and breakage. And when getting your tyre off is an extra big chore, each lever has a spoke attachment to help you get maximum leverage and secure removal. Add to this an additional polymer tab to properly spread hydraulic disc brake pads and you have a true roadside or trailside 2-in-1 companion. Our Steel Core Tyre Levers make inferior tyre removal tools a thing of the past. Available separate, or found in our Ride Prep and Team Edition Tool Kits.

• Hardened CRV tool steel core prevents flex and breakage*
• Spoke hook on each lever
• High-density polymer protects your rim and promotes smooth tire bead removal
• Thin-bladed tip maneuvers under even the tightest tire bead
• Wide and reinforced body promotes confidence even with the most challenging tires
• Extra-long polymer tab to properly spread hydraulic disc brake pads
• Slide-fit system keeps the tire tool pair securely together
• Found in our Ride Prep and Team Edition Tool Kits

* Steel core ends prior to lever tips - this is to prevent damage to rims due to excessive user force

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